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Crane Stand                               $49.99

 - Adjustable from 44 inches to 6 feet.

 - Holds over 100 pounds.







7" TFT Widescreen Color LCD Kit        $119.99 

- Excellent picture quality (even outdoors in daylight). 

- 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen mode.

- Direct connection from monitor to camera (no adapters or special cables).

- Includes custom bracket and all mounting hardware.

- 15ft HDMI cable included.


Motorized Pan/Tilt Head                        $259.99 


- Includes Motorized Pan/Tilt Head, joystick remote and cables. 

- Mounts quickly and easily to any of our Camera Cranes.

- Allows for full 360 Degree Pans and 360 Degree Tilts.

- Full speed control from very slow (less than .5 RPM) to very fast (4.5 RPM)


Carrying Bag                             $39.99

Bag has a full length zipper and holds Crane, Stand and accessories.



Rubber Flex Track                      $209.99


- 36 feet of Rubber Flex Track (makes an 18ft run)

- Allows you to form a dolly track in almost any shape.

- Works with any of our camera Dollies.



Canon/Sony Remote                   $39.99 

  Remote (Lanc) Controller for Canon and Sony Cameras.

  Includes high quality fully shielded 12 foot extension cable.




Panasonic Remote                       $44.99

 Remote Controller for Panasonic Cameras.

 Includes high quality fully shielded 12 foot extension cable.





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